About Us

Jenny Trio and her partner, the Dan, perform together as "the Dan & Jenny Trio".

the Dan & Jenny Trio are multi-instrumentalists and vocalists

We're seen in many locations:

      • Street corners & Block Parties
      • Parks & Promenades
      • Ballrooms & Community Rooms
      • Restaurants, Churches & Rallies
      • Living Room Parties
      • even at Salvation Army Kettles

Our award-winning little band has been seen and heard on all sorts of media -- local radio, TV and newspapers along with a growing YouTube presence.

"Wherever there is a wrong that needs righting, there's a song that needs writing"... the Dan

Dan and Jenny help popular grassroots movements get attention by writing and performing toe-tapping, hand-clapping, rallying tunes.

the Dan & Jenny Trio write songs promoting the Good Life in Lake County.

We sing songs that...

      • Warm your heart
      • Make you laugh
      • Introduce you to local history
      • And most of all get you tapping that toe along with us.

Lake County Fair "Front Porch Stage" 2015