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Lake County Tales

There are many stories in Lake County, Illinois. the Dan & Jenny Trio present them via song, story and moving pictures.

It all began with beavers changing our waterways. New pathways for our rivers and lakes created a beautiful area for settlers to enjoy.

Original songs tell of the Pottawatomi, idealists, farmers, and other characters who shaped our county.

Here are a few of those tales...

Old Maud of the P. LZ. & W.

The P.LZ.&W. (Palatine, Lake Zurich & Wauconda) railway brought Chicagoans out to enjoy Lake County in 1912-24 .

      • These were "party trains" bringing celebrants out to the country for fresh air, lake activities and good times.
      • The overloaded trains were occasionally unable to carry the revelers and they would sometimes be asked to get out and walk over some of the steeper grades.
      • The PLZ&W was fondly known as the "Palatine, Lake Zurich, and Walk-the rest of the way" line.

Hear the story of "Old Maud", the real little engine that could...

Who was the Beer Baron?...

The Ballad of Terry Druggan

Bootleggers, during Prohibition, often sought the remoteness of the country just outside the Cook County border.

      • One of the tastiest brews was created by Terry Druggan and Frankie Lake of the Valley Gang out of Cicero.
      • They were very successful by "needling" beer. (Adding alcohol to "near beer")
      • They became millionaires and were the first bootleggers to be convicted of tax evasion.
      • Terry Druggan lived his last days in Lake County.

What put the "ick" in Lake Zurich?

Believe it or not, there's a song for that!

Not all our musical tales are from the distant past. Lake County is full of hidden stories that are brought to life by the Dan & Jenny Trio.

What is unique about your neighborhood?

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